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Enjoy your yoga practice, with a beautiful view of our gardens full of flowers, illuminated naturally by sunlight.


"Fortune to the people, to the rulers of the earth,
Who protect the earth by following the path of righteousness!
May there always be prosperity for all living beings (peace,calmness)
And the Brahmins (godliness)
May all the worlds be happy!"

Om shanti, shanti, shanti...!


Enjoy therapies as sound healing circles, in a space specially designed to preserve an acoustic that will enhance any ceremony.


Immerse yourself in the interior of our specially constructed temazcal, with wide dimensions and comfort inside that will help you to cross this magical experience.


Relax in a garden full of flowers and native herbs, music by the sound of water and surrounded by the magestic mountains of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


A space to relax under the sun and with a beautiful view of our gardens full of flowers.


Our kitchen is a sacred place where food is prepared with ingredients from our own garden and organic farm within the area.

We offer a variety of menu options like vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan.


Enjoy breakfast and lunch in the sunlight and share a dinner in front of a beautiful fire.

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